You Could Face Jail Time If You Run a EURO 2024 Sweepstake

  • Sweepstakes are a common form of office gambling in the UK, running before big competitions 
  • Felix Faulkner, a solicitor, has warned that running one of these remotely could result in jail time
  • They must follow certain rules to avoid this, including the draw taking place in the physical office
You could face jail time in the UK if you plan to run a EURO 2024 sweepstake. [Image:]

A solicitor in the UK has warned remote workers there could be more on the line than just cash if they choose to run a sweepstake for the upcoming UEFA European Football Championship (EUROs).

A sweepstake is when a group of people each pay money to receive the name of a team or athlete before a contest. The team they receive is drawn at random so that everyone has an equal chance of getting the ones with the highest chance of success. If your team wins then you win all or the majority of the cash.

there could be some people breaking the law without knowing it

Of course, this is a form of gambling and typically takes place in offices across the UK before major soccer competitions. However, Felix Faulkner of gambling licensing firm Poppleston Allen has warned that remote working means that there could be some people breaking the law without knowing it.

“Ultimately, it is a criminal offence to run an illegal lottery and you could face prosecution,” Allen said. “The maximum punishment for breaches is 51 weeks in prison or a £5,000 ($6,344) fine.”

So what can you do to avoid such a punishment? Well, Allen said that office sweepstakes can take place as long as certain rules are followed. Everyone involved must work in the same physical office and the draw must take place within the office itself. The participants must all pay the same amount too.  

The EUROs kick off on Friday with the first game between Germany and Scotland in Munich. England is the current favorite to win at odds of +300 with Paddy Power.

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