Kick Has Paid Streamers $3m+ Through Its Creator Incentive Program

  • The crypto casino-funded platform has paid program members $3m+ in just three months
  • It introduced the scheme to “compensate streamers with revenue per individual stream”
  • Despite facing opposition from Kick and its 95/5 sub revenue split, Twitch will not change
Kick has paid its streamers $3m+ through an incentive program in the three months it has been active. [Image:]

Kick, the streaming platform backed by crypto casino Stake, prides itself on paying its content creators more than its rival, Twitch. To support that argument even further, the platform just announced that it has paid its streamers more than $3m over the first three months of its Kick Creator Incentive Program.

Kick revealed the staggering total on X:

In Kick’s own words, the incentive program is intended to “compensate streamers with revenue per individual stream.” This combines with the 95/5 subscription revenue split that favors streamers to provide creators with “a promising financial journey ahead,” according to the platform.

Only certain streamers are able to join the program, however. Among other requirements, they must abide by Kick’s guidelines, have a verified checkmark, provide a link to their social media and a detailed about section, plus meet a range of other metrics. The latter includes streaming for 50 hours in the past 30 days and averaging 100 concurrent viewers on average in that time.

creators have praised Kick for its 95% sub revenue split for creators

Stake launched Kick shortly after Twitch banned unregulated casino gambling in October 2022. Major gambling streamers such as Trainwreck, Roshtein, and Xposed made the shift to the platform as a result. Those creators have praised Kick for its 95% sub revenue split for creators, one that beats both YouTube (70/30) and Twitch (50/50).

In the face of growing competition from Kick, Twitch commented on the revenue split, asserting in March 2023 that it does not plan to change its 50/50 split. While acknowledging the concerns that streamers have in regards to this, Twitch Chief Monetization Office Mike Minton argued the platform helps streamers earn more money overall by improving monetization products and creating new ways for them to monetize content.

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